About me


I’m Arnold Davidson, an award-winning architect and a spatial planner. I now run my own architecture studio in New York, but previously I’ve worked internationally on a wide range of projects. My biggest passion is to marry the highest quality materials with function, achieving not just comfort but also the right aesthetic.

Over the years, I have developed a reputation for questioning the status quo. Innovation is in my blood. While I do celebrate the classic function of buildings and spaces, I’m not afraid to use materials that would otherwise go unused in spaces that would otherwise go unseen. So, if you want to work together and see more of that, you know where to find me.


BA in Architecture & Design


University of Woodbury

MA in Architecture


University of Chicago


Head of Architecture


Arnold Davidson Architecture, New York, USA

Over the last few years, I’ve built my own architecture studio up. From just one person to a team of 12 now, Arnold Davidson Architecture stands for balance, integrity, and quality. We never compromise on two things: durability and comfort. Working with high-quality materials helps us achieve both. Spaces are meant for people, and not vice-versa – that’s our guiding principle whatever project we work on.

Senior Industrial Architect


UNTStudio, Shanghai, China

In my role at the highly progressive UNTStudio in Shanghai, I had the best chance to learn about the architectural principles that my colleagues in China used. This has influenced my work greatly. I now strive to strike the right balance between form and function even harder. Projects I worked on included the Shanghai Great Theater and the D.O. Architects new office building in the city center. 

Design architect


LCArchitects, New York, USA

LCArchitects is one of the most innovative officers in New York and I was ecstatic to be part of it. It has shaped my spatial planning career as I got to work with not only industrial spaces, but also public ones. Figuring out the flows of people, while challenging at first, is now one of my absolute strongpoints. At LCArchitects, I worked on the TXK’s new neighborhood planning and Ohio Wood Company’s headquarters.